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Favorite new things

November 12, 2009

Part of the new library

I’m not a gadget girl. I don’t have an iPod or an iPhone. And as much as I wanted to love the new Droid that just landed in Verizon stores, I wasn’t at all impressed. The keyboard is clumsy and difficult to use AND as I’m really not that into the touch screen experience (being a non-gadgety kind of girl). I wasn’t ready to fork over the $200 to take one home. Not my gadget of choice.

So, being an avid reader and a writer, I am passionate about books. I get an instant high when entering a Barnes and Noble. I love the smell of books. I love the feel of a book in my hand. And I love my new library– the one my husband painstakingly built for me just this year. It’s filled with books — an entire wall full of books, both old and new. And so when I heard about the Kindle, I really didn’t think I could buy into such a cold way of digesting my favorite reads. But, I was intrigued at the idea that I could have all of my current reads — and must read-next– books in one portable device.

I broke down and bought the gadget. And I love it. My family — who are constantly buying Apps and sharing all the cool things they can do with their gadgets — are most impressed by my small leap into the world of gadgetry. Even though my boys think it’s completely “geeky” that my favorite new toy is a “reading device,” they have given me props for stepping into the world of new technology.

The new favorite things on my wish list this year include (AKA Christmas list hints for my husband):

Guess I’ll stop there… I think that my favorite thing list about captures a bit of all the good things in life. So when the season arrives, I’ll be the girl with the sleek reading glasses, a Kindle in one hand and an ice-cold martini in the other. You’ll know me by my sexy boots!

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  1. November 13, 2009 3:56 am

    I’ve had a Kindle for my birthday last year and although I have several books on it, I’ve only read one so far. I was putting off using it because I had a few “real” books that I needed to finish and then I just couldn’t get into it. I’m trying to use it more because it really is great – the whole purpose of having it is to cut down on the books I carry in the truck with me – I used to have NO space and the Kindle is a perfect solution for that. I’m getting more used to it now and I’m always thinking, “Can I get that on my Kindle?”

    As for your Christmas list, I kinda like it….I MUST put together one for myself….I always say “I don’t need anything” but I’m sure I can find something I absolutely must have!

    Good post. Enjoy your Kindle!

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