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Goodbye 2009

January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009
I’d like say it’s been a slice
But you know that there were times
When you weren’t so very nice

Goodbye 2009
Be sure to pack your things
And leave with me the wonder
That only a new year brings

Goodbye 2009
You’ve done all you could do
You brought me laughter; and you brought me tears
But now I’m ready for something new

Hello 2010
I hope that you don’t suck
Please bring us lots of laughs
And maybe a little luck

With a new year comes the idea that we can leave all our worries –all the struggles of the year behind us. A fresh slate. A brand new wall calendar waits patiently for us to fill it with the things that form our life.

We set goals. We resolve to exercise more; eat chocolate less; volunteer; be a better friend. To be a better person. We hope for it.

There’s something encouraging about the new calendar year, even if fleeting. It gives us hope, and an opportunity to reset our lives, if even in some small way. A do-over for days gone by.

So, as we turn the calendar to a new decade, I wish you all health and happiness. Happy New Year!

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