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What I have learned (so far)

January 3, 2010

The beginning of a new year is a reflective time for most people. We look at the year-gone-by and wonder what was accomplished — what have we learned in those 365 days given to us?

Here are my lessons learned for 2009:

  • When someone shows you who they are – believe them.
  • Listen to that inner voice. She knows me better than anyone else.
  • Laugh. Often. Not just a giggle, but a fall-down belly laugh.
  • Listen to music. It can lift your spirit and add lightness to your day.
  • Appreciate your friends and family. Life has a way of reminding you that nothing lasts forever. Make lots of memories.
  • Life really is short. Never forget that.
  • You don’t need anyone to validate your dreams. They are yours. Follow them without abandon.
  • Even though it’s “how you play the game” that matters — it’s feels good to win.
  • Your day job doesn’t define you. It is what you do to pay the bills.
  • Seeing your first child get married is more powerful than you can imagine.
  • Not everyone will like you. It’s okay.
  • You won’t like everyone you meet. It’s okay.
  • It’s never too late to rebuild a relationship.
  • Be open to change. It’s constant.
  • Be a good friend. The return on investment is invaluable.
  • Surround yourself with people who make you smile.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously – no one else really does.
  • Be grateful for those who love you, for better or worse.
  • Convertibles are fun!

So what have you learned this past year?

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  1. Linda Spear permalink
    January 3, 2010 6:40 pm

    Gwen, thanks so much for this list. I have learned everyone of them, over many years. But it’s only recently, that I have paid attention to the list, in my own mind, and followed these rules. Thanks for reminding me, once more. There should never be a day that goes by that we ignore these obvious healthy means to go through life!

    Again, a happy new year to you!

    Linda Spear

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