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Should have stayed in bed kind of day(s)

February 4, 2010

We’ve all had those days when we wish we would have just stayed in bed for the day. Well, so far, this entire week has been “one those days,” and as I sit here at my desk with the  light of a new day just beginning to fill the room, I can’t help but wonder what today has in store for me.

Not that I am complaining (see last blog post), but here is the rundown of my “bad day” experiences:

  1. Teenage son woke up with a fever, sore throat, achy (Swine-flu-like symptoms), and so began the week of the “sick kid home from school”
  2. Sick kid is home from school the only week of the year, to date, that boss from Pittsburg is in town for full day meetings and catch-up, and sick child is left to his own defences for part of the week (= worried mom at the office trying to concentrate on social media plans and new Web site design with team –and come across as completely calm, collected, and somewhat charming with new boss who she has just met and is only likely to see in person a few times a year — while child at home downing Advil to keep fever at bay until mom can go home at lunch to check if his skin has turned that bluish tone that I’m supposed to be at home watching for…. = Swine flu)
  3. Checked bank account online before work and realize that I paid the amount owing to the Gas company this month (a whopping 295 bucks!) to the mortgage company
  4. Grown daughter, who wants my opinion but doesn’t like my opinion, decides that the day my boss is in town, the day that my child is sick, the day I pay the gas bill to the mortgage company, is a good day to send numerous text messages and e-mails throughout the day telling me what a rotten mother I am = had to turn off cell phone and make note to self not to give opinion to grown daughter in future
  5. Scraped front fender of new convertible on curb in parking lot as I escaped from office to rush home for quick check on the temperature of my sick child, make him a peanut butter sandwich, fill him with gatorade, and check for that bluish thing
  6. While home for the “check on sick kid” lunch break, sick kid tells me my sister has called. My grandmother passed away. Funeral tomorrow.
  7. Rush home from work to take sick kid to the doctor (fever x 48 hours, pain when he swallows, but not sign of blue skin….but still…) to make sure he doesn’t have Swine Flu. Doctor’s diagnosis: tonsilitis, seasonal flu but no school until fever breaks x 24 hours, no basketball, etc.).
  8. Good news: Mortgage company to reimburse us (nice of them). I should see check in the mail by end of the month. Thanks a bunch. Takes me 30 seconds to pay them online.  30 days to get the money back. …Ah, still have to pay $295 to gas company who really don’t care about the fact that their company name starts with the same letter as my mortgage company…

Take stress of sick kid home from school + boss in town + scratching new car + work overload + online bill pay mess-up + ongoing fight with daughter and add in a little sadness = bad day.

So, here I am. An hour into the day and all is well. Sick kid is still sleeping. Dog is napping under my desk (in lieu of nosing through the trash, which is another story), and the house is quiet. So far, so good.

Have a good day!

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  1. February 4, 2010 2:29 pm

    wow! What a day…hope it gets better over the weekend

  2. February 4, 2010 8:46 pm

    Tomorrow is Friday!!! and you’ve had your bad day for the month. So the rest of Feb will be golden!!

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