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Ordinary days

March 3, 2010

Raising our family, my husband and I were able to gather all 4 kids around the kitchen table most evenings for a sit-down family dinner. We rarely zipped through fast food lanes, or ate dinner in front of the TV.  With four busy kids, our calendars were full, but somehow, miraculously, 9 times out of 10, we shared an evening meal together. Everyone talked over each other as  bowls were passed and countless glasses of milk were spilled. With four unique children (oh, how they are different!), with four very distinct likes and dislikes,  there was plenty of grumbling around the table about the menu of the day. It was loud and chaotic. And at the time I had no idea how much I would miss it.

This past weekend, my son Dylan spent the night at a friend’s house – twice. My 17-year-old son Nick spent the weekend working or with friends – out of the house. It was a quiet weekend. And it hit me  last night, when my husband asked “Are we eating at the table or in front of the TV again?” that I was really missing our family dinners. Busy work schedules and filled social calendars are keeping my two boys away from the dinner table.

But honestly, it’s much more than that. I’m missing the ordinary days. More than 20 years of ordinary moments that have created this family. I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about my growing children, and the inevitability that one day soon my house will be empty of backpacks, stinky gym clothes, and clanging video games. It’s with mixed emotion that I think of the day when all will be quiet in the Morrison house. I’ve done this parenting thing a while, so I’m entitled to sigh just a little at the thought.

My youngest boys in an "ordinary moment"

Somewhere between colicky babies and ornery teenagers, there were a lot of ordinary moments. Ordinary moments times four children.  And I only wish I could remember them all. Rewind to a moment in time and replay it again.  Sure, we took pictures duing  school plays, baseball games  and basketball championships, prom nights, and graduations — but it’s the ordinary moments, the child crawling into your bed at night because he had another bad dream, those are the memories I don’t have captured in an album. And there have been so many.

This video was sent to me and as I watched it, I was struck by how much it mirrored my life. If you’re a parent, especially if you’ve been doing this a while, you’ll appreciate this.

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  1. Linda Spear permalink
    March 4, 2010 10:22 pm

    Ordinary does feel wonderful, doesn’t it? Too bad we didn’t know it when they were young. But I still pass on colicky babies….that was way over the line…..and something I could have easily done without!

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