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The dog who cried wolf

April 7, 2010
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I think my dog might be taking acting lessons while I’m at the office. Seriously. Why would I say such a thing, you ask? Let me tell you…

I got home from work  yesterday to find my dog limping. My son “thinks” maybe he hurt his leg, but wasn’t in the room when he heard the poor dog yelp in obvious pain. I sit on the kitchen floor and Sterling slowly creeps over to me, careful not to put weight on his front leg. I reach for him to scoop him onto my lap and as I touch his right shoulder, he YELPS loudly. Now, I’m fearing the worst. He snapped his tiny leg. I’ve created the scenerio in my mind: he was under the kitchen table, Dylan called him to go outside, and he jumped up. His leg was caught up under the wooden base of the table and it snapped in half. As I look at his front shoulder I swear it’s swollen.

It’s 5:15, and the vet on the corner closes at 6, so I make a frantic call and we’re off to get the poor dog checked out. Of course, he’s too sore to even walk to the car as I call him to the door. His head is down and he’s limping, and creeping across the floor. I’m afraid to even pick him up, he looks like he’s in so much pain.

We manage to get him to the vet, who is less than 5 minutes from our house. It’s now 5:25. They ask to weigh him and I warn them that he is having trouble standing. We try anyway. I place him carefully on the large scale. No problem. I scoop him up, carefully, and we’re off to see the Doc.

The nice lady vet examines Sterling — moving his shoulder around, checking his legs, squeezing him this way and that. Not a peep from this crazy dog. She asks to take him for a walk around the building to see if he favors the leg. I warn her that he can barely walk (as he practically hops down from the examining table).

The vet comes back within minutes and says “He’s great. He even hopped down from the curb and led with that right leg. I don’t see any problem.”
No limping. No yelping.


I pay the vet $55 for the 10 minute-visit and take perfectly-fine, non-limping, non-yelping dog back home.

That dog is good, I tell you. Award-winning performance.

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