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Immerse yourself in something you fear

May 21, 2010
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I read a post yesterday that stuck with me. In the article, the writer writes “Hold your breath and put your head under water. Notice that a clear intention starts to form within a matter of seconds. When you are sick, notice you gain clarity in your health intentions…If you want to bring clarity to your intentions, get off the sidelines of life and get out on the field. Immerse yourself in something you fear. Your intentions will form quickly.”

The context of the blog post was around following your passion; finding your path (career); and getting unstuck from your life. When we’re young, it’s easier to just DO things. We don’t THINK so much. I watch my kids step out onto the field of life without abandon. They hold their breath and dive in.

It’s not until we are much older that we think about consequence: about failing. About what people might think of us if we dive in without a plan. We qualify things. We make excuses. And we stop ourselves from jumping into the deep end.

Oh sure, we might dip a toe in every now and then, test the waters. But for the most part, we stay in the shallow end, where we are safe.

So, today : “Immerse yourself in something you fear.” That, to me, says it all.


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