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In Seattle with “old” friends

June 20, 2010

Alaska Vacation: In Seattle
Had breakfast at the hotel — Airport Hilton, then took a taxi to the pier where we met with Monica and Chris. Our “old” friends live in Seattle and were kind enough to offer their boat as accommodations for the second night of our “official” vacation.

It was so great to see Monica and Chris after all these years. They took us on a walking tour of the downtown area. On the list of must-see attractions was the infamous Public Market. A bustling outdoor market that sold everything from fish to flowers. As the day was bright and sunny, the streets were crowded.

After our short tour, we headed back to the pier where where we boarded their boat, which was now weighed down by our  3 carry-ons, one large suitcase, a camera backback, a garment bag and two strapping teenage boys. What a beautiful boat! Two bedrooms and two baths — ON THE BOAT! Very cool.

We spent the day cruising the area, listening to music, and catching up. It was glorious!

We stopped on one of the islands to explore, take some photos, and then made our way to another island for dinner at The Loft restaurant.

The weather was sunny and warm — perfect day. I promised Monica that I would bring the Georgia sunshine with me to Seattle, and I couldn’t let her down. There was not a cloud in the sky.

After dinner, we cruised over to Bainbridge Island — where the Gerhardts live — and docked. After spending some time at their home, Chris brought us back to the boat to sleep for the night. We were excited by our excursion. Sleeping in Seattle. And on a boat, no less. We’d soon discover that this was the smallest of the boats we were to cruise on in the days to come. (Big, Bigger, Biggest)

The beds on the boat were so comfortable. Even in close quarters, we were snug and happy — thoughts of work, laundry, and grocery shopping were a distant memory as I closed my eyes and listened to the gentle waves in the distance. The evening was still, and it wasn’t long before I drifted off to sleep, with dreams of Alaska dancing in my head.

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